Thanksgiving 2020

Why you should add deliciously cute rice crispie treats to your table. 

We all love our traditional Thanksgiving desserts especially the pumpkin and apple pie. But, why not add something fun and different to your Thanksgiving table this year. Rice crispy treats are a family favorite of all ages and bring us back to our childhood. I promise you that these treats taste just like homemade because THEY ARE homemade!!!

So, why not add a new dessert or edible decoration to your table this year? I can almost guarantee that pumpkin and turkey rice crispie treats will be the talk of the day. They can be used as part of your tablescape, centerpiece, place settings, dessert, a hostess gift -OR- all of the above. 

Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of a turkey-shaped rice crispy treat. I know my family does! 

So, what part of the turkey will you eat first? My daughter loves to bite the head off first and for me, I go for the feathers.

Cheers 😊


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